Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be a Have Cash user and also a Want Cash user?


What are the rules for profile photos?

Photos must be of you.

Photos must not include any contact or social media information.

Nudity is fine.

Photos incorporating children, activities involving animals, pornographic acts or weapons are not permitted.

For further details of our photo requirements please see our Terms and Conditions.

Can I use cash friend without a mobile phone?

You must use your mobile phone to join cash friend and if your password ever needs to be reset.

You can then login to cash friend without your mobile phone if you wish, using its number and your password.

But I don’t like giving out my mobile phone number to web sites?

We are a United Kingdom based company and legally covered by UK and European law. Our storage and use of your private phone number is subject to extensive regulations such as GDPR and we are legally prohibited from giving it to any other company or using it in any way you don’t want without your express permission.

We will never give your mobile phone number to anyone else and we will never use it to message you without your permission. Our service depends on your trust and we never abuse that.

I don’t want messages from you to pop up on my phone

We will never text you without your permission.

We send you a discrete text message when you sign up or if you use the forgot my password function.

We can send you a text message to notify you that something has happened from another user, but this is disabled by default.  You can turn this on if you’d like these texts and you can even set what the message we will send you will say.  Or you can leave it turned off and we’ll never send you any notification texts.

Why can't I use an email address for my account?

We’re obsessed with protecting the privacy and secrecy of our users. Email accounts can be hacked / spied upon / looked at by colleagues, partners and friends. Our mobile phones are the most secure and private device most of us possess, so we use your mobile phone to authenticate you on Cash Friend.

Why did another user vanish?

Users can temporarily hide themselves or delete themselves from the site at any time.

I don't receive a text back from Cash Friend

You must send the text message to us as a standard text message, not via a messenger app. Our number is a standard rate UK mobile number so there is no cost to anyone with inclusive texts.

Cash Friend UK requires a UK mobile phone number – messages from other countries phone numbers (or sent via a messenger app) will not receive a text message back as they cannot be used with Cash Friend UK.  For other Cash Friend countries see here.

We use text messages in this way because they provide security against fake users and users not located in the UK trying to access Cash Friend.

What countries do you work in?

My account has been suspended - what can I do?

We take a very strict view of any violations of our terms and conditions, abuse of the Cash Friend app or abuse of other users.  If your account has been suspended you will need to wait for your suspension to expire before you can use Cash Friend again.  Note that deleting your account and recreating it will not remove the suspension against you.

If this is a first time breach of our terms and conditions we may offer you the option to purchase an early account reactivation.  This is entirely at our discretion and if offered you will see a special ‘Purchase Account Reactivation’ button in the My Payments section of your account settings.  If the button is not shown you must wait for your account suspension to expire before using Cash Friend again.

If I hide a user I have friended will they know?

When you hide another user you simply vanish from anywhere they were previously able to view you as if you had deleted your account.

How do I delete my account

You can delete your account from your Settings page

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