Meet new friends who won’t advertise on other sites!

The app where you have to advertise yourself to friends who need cash!

  • Click the button below and use your phone to sign you in.
  • Answer a few quick questions so we can match you to friends you will like.
  • But hold on, there’s a catch – if you want to meet our shy Cash Friends you’ve got to advertise yourself to them! Don’t worry we’ve made it super discrete and private.
  • Add a bit about yourself, set where you’d like to be shown – and just as importantly any locations you don’t want to ever be shown to other users! That’s it, you’re ready to find new friends who are looking for cash!
  • Want Cash friends have to join Cash Friend and also match all your requirements, including their location, to be able to view your details.  As soon as one likes what they see and friends you we’ll let you know!
  • Check them out, if you like what you see accept their friend request and you’re off!
  • Use our instant messaging to chat, check them out further, discuss what you’d like to happen, all the time protected by the Cash Friend app.
  • Remove friends, hide yourself, or delete your account at any time without any hassle or fuss.
No card details required to join and view your Cash Friend requests

“Hassle free way to meet new people”

“Uncomplicated and just when it suits me for my busy lifestyle”

“I like to try things my existing friends wouldn’t want to do”

“I like meeting new people who have also chosen to meet me”

(Photos posed by models)

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