Special Requests

Special Requests

What is a special request? It’s one of the options on Cash Friend, but what does it mean? Well here are a few of the uses we’ve been told of by Cash Friends…

General Special Requests

  • Accompany Have Cash users to events.
  • People going through life changes looking to broaden their experiences and meet new people who are different from their existing friends.
  • Running errands, being there to do one-off tasks a Have Cash user needs doing for them.
  • Be at the end of a phone or messaging app to talk to.
  • Offer advice, bring in new ideas, creativity, style, etc to a Have Cash users life. Many people like the idea of paying for advice and tips from people they see as cooler, more stylish, more experienced, etc than themselves.

Saucy Special Requests

  • Saucy photos and videos. Yes you probably guessed it, lots of users like to pay Cash Friends for photos or videos created especially to their requests.
  • Saucy video calls. Away from all of the commercial web chat platforms, lots of users like to find Cash Friends for totally private video calls using standard apps like WhatsApp, FaceTime, etc.
  • Naked cleaners. This is more popular than you’d think, sometimes even as a special present for couples other halves! Naked special requests are often used to spice things up for couples once you’ve gone, injecting a bit of wild into their relationship!
  • Sex advice, tips, ideas, how to self improve.

What sort of Cash Friend are you?

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