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Sugar dating on Cash Friend

Is Cash Friend a sugar dating site? Well, we have plenty of users who use it in that way.

There are lots of cash rich time poor people out there for whom sugar dating is a really attractive thing to do in their spare time. For users who are here to sugar date, Cash Friend offers some really big advantages over other sugar dating apps out there:

  • Cash Friend is all about privacy, it’s our most important feature. We protect the privacy of all our users, keeping their sugar dating secret and also avoiding many of the problems of large sugar dating sites and predatory users.
  • Want Cash users have all the power! On Cash Friend users who Want Cash choose in secret who they are interested in meeting – Have Cash users have to advertise to them and wait to be chosen!
  • Cash Friend is casual, our users tend to be more focused on casual meet-ups that suit each person’s life, rather than long term relationship building.
  • Cash Friend is free for Want Cash users, there’s no cost barrier for them to explore possible sugar dates.
  • Cash Friend is couples friendly. We have lots of single Want Cash users up for hooking up with Have Cash couples and also Want Cash couples up for meeting single users and other couples.

Interested in sugar dating? Well what are you waiting for, log in to Cash Friend – it’s free!

What sort of Cash Friend are you?

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