Swinging on Cash Friend

Its a well-known issue in the swinging community, single people paying professional escorts to accompany them to swinging events. This flies in the face of what swinging should be all about, but not everyone plays by the rules of course.

Swinging and Cash Friend has a much better and more honest relationship. Lots of couples like to swing and are always on the lookout for new individuals or couples they might want to swing with. Well, Cash Friend has loads of Want Cash users who are open to all sorts of things a Have Cash user might want to do. So a little money might change hands between friends – is it still swinging? Of course it is, if it’s all above board and no-one is being dishonest.

If you have a relationship that enjoys swinging then log in and take a look at the users on Cash Friend who might be up for joining you, either those wanting cash or those who might want to fund a meet with you.

What sort of Cash Friend are you?

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