Wait, what is this Cash Friend app all about again?

This is not your ordinary friend finder app, Cash Friend is deliberately different…

1. Privacy first

Privacy built into every level – everything about Cash Friend is focused on protecting the privacy of all our users.

This means things don’t necessarily work the way you might expect. But we do it this way because we’re different and care about all our users being totally in control of their presence on Cash Friend.

2. Earn cash fast

Our Have Cash friends want to pay you for things they want. Want Cash users choose who they friend and what they will offer – get paid quickly and simply for doing things you’re good at with people you select.

3. Users offering cash for services have to advertise to those who want cash

Yep, this makes us different from all other friend finder apps, but there’s a reason. It puts Want Cash users in control and allows them to join Cash Friend without worrying about work colleagues, bosses, friends or family seeing them. This allows Want Cash users to join who wouldn’t normally consider joining friend finder apps.

We still care deeply about the privacy of Have Cash users and take great care to protect their privacy too. There are no public listings pages showing off all our users. This is terrible for our marketing department, but it’s great for our users’ privacy so that’s why we do it. Have Cash users are only ever shown to logged in Want Cash users and to only those who exactly match both of their search requirements. We also require all users to specify their location so we can avoid showing Have Cash users to users in locations they don’t want to ever be shown in.

All this means we often have fewer search results to show than apps that only care about quantity. However, we’d much rather show an empty page of search results (and sometimes do) than break the privacy of our users.

4. Have Cash users can’t see other user profiles unless they get a friend request from them

Sorry, it’s frustrating we know, for some users it means they won’t come back, but that’s fine, you’re either into our approach or not. For those that stick with it, give it a bit of time, there are Want Cash users who will decide to friend you if you keep sticking around or if you enable text message notifications in your account settings so we can let you know when you get a new friend request.

5. Want Cash users get to browse in secret

As a Want Cash user no-one is going to contact you unless you friend them, but the benefit is no-one knows you’re on here unless you choose to friend them! As a Want Cash user, you have all the power on Cash Friend, everything is geared towards your privacy.

Why? Because we think making a Cash Friend should be something that empowers Want Cash users. You should be able to offer whatever services you want to offer only to friends that you choose and without every Tom, Dick and Harry knowing your business. We hope that means you’ll stick around, enjoy using the Cash Friend app and meeting new people you can earn money from on your terms. And in turn, we hope that makes our Have Cash users happy too in the long run, by finding a new app that allows them to meet new friends offering services that they can’t find anywhere else.

What sort of Cash Friend are you?

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