Why aren’t I getting friend requests?

This article is intended for Have Cash users, if you are a “Want Cash” user you won’t receive Friend Requests – you need to make the first contact – we have a different article for you – click here.

You can think of Cash Friend in many ways as quite a lot like many of the dating apps out there. Whilst not specifically for dating, the same basic factors are at play of needing good photos and a good bio.

Lets say that again – You need good photos! You need a good profile bio!

Cash Friend has lots of users all looking for different things. Everyone is into different things and different people. There will be plenty of people out there interested in you, but they need to know what’s interesting about you to discover that! You need to convey what it is about you that will make like-minded Cash Friends contact you.

So, number 1 top tip, your main profile photo. This will appear in Cash Friend search results and will be the one thing that makes a user decide if they want to click you and find out more. So make it a goodie. The photo needs to be of you obviously, but look your best, or your coolest, your sexiest, your funniest, your siliest, your kindest, whatever it is that you think conveys the best about you.

Top tip number 2, a single photo isn’t enough. You don’t need loads of photos, but some more that convey a bit more about you really helps – a picture speaks a thousand words remember. At least one photo should be a full-length photo of you, head to feet. You may not like how you look in photos but other people will and the most common complaint we hear is that users don’t include a full-length photo with their profile. Friending someone is a big step for users, they simply won’t do it to you if they don’t see enough to feel comfortable you are a good match for them.

Top tip number 3, your profile bio. You’ve several text boxes to tell other users about yourself. If all you’ve put is 5 words then how will someone have any idea what sort of person you are? You’re unlikely to get much interest unless you write a bit about what you can offer, what you want, what you are like.

OK, you don’t need to go overboard, some things are best left until you’ve friended and are having a chat, but give users something to help them realise you are the Cash Friend they really should hit that Friend button for.

One last thing, don’t assume people looking at you are thinking the same as you or are just like you. One of the great things about Cash Friend is all the diverse people from different backgrounds you can meet. Try and put yourselves in a strangers shoes and think about what they might want to hear, might want to know about you. OK you might be a Have Cash user offering to pay them, but they will still have their own interests, things they are here for, concerns, try to think about that and tell them why you’re someone they would feel safe with, trust, be someone they should want to meet.

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